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Alcohol Addiction

To spot the alcohol addiction gets difficult if accepted socially. Excessive use of alcohol may open up many risks and health hazards to addicts even despite its legal status.

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder that is also referred to as manic-depressive illness, maybe an encephalopathy that causes unusual shifts in mood which include energy and activity levels.

Bulimia Nervosa

Bulimia nervosa is undoubtedly a significant life threatening disorder characterized by a distorted body image and a fanatical desire to reduce weight.

Cannabis Addiction

It is noticed so far that no medication has proved effective for cannibals dependence as of 2014. The best possible form of treatment for this.

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Cocaine Addiction

The most important point in this treatment is to make your mind and decision to look for a reliable treatment should certainly lead to recovery.

Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is actually a brain disease and excessive use may lead to serious changes in brain functions and their structure. It is noticed that drug addition is quite chronic.

Heroin Addiction

Lifestyle changes, therapy, proper medication as well as support groups are found helpful and result oriented while treating Heroin addicts.

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Mental Illness

It is found that the combination of the following therapies can effectively cure a lot of other mental diseases: Psychotherapy, Medication, Group therapy, day treatment.


It is a significant mental disease that will be disabling without care. People subject to this condition may find themselves hear voices and imaginary sights.


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Ghamkol Rehab Center is one of the best and most trusted rehab centers in Lahore Township. We have been ranked as the best rehab center in Lahore that specializes in providing focused and modern treatment programs to every patient who visits us. Our physicians are trained enough to lead multidisciplinary treatment accompanied by a team of qualified doctors to provide an integrated and holistic approach to treatment with lasting effects. 

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Ghamkol Rehab Center is a trusted and well-equipped platform.
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Ghamkol is a licensed rehabilitation center that is keen to provide drug addicts with newfound hope. Here at ghamkol, every life matters! So, the rehabilitation programs ensure improved quality of life for every single patient. Once we have you at our center, you will have to bid farewell to drug addiction forever.

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With years and years of experience, doctors at the ghamkol rehab center can provide exceptional treatment, extreme care, and quick recovery.
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Get high on helping others, not killing yourself.

Ghamkol Rehab Center is a trusted and well-equipped platform for a comprehensive treatment of White plague, Alcoholism, Psychiatric illnesses including other behavior disorders that make your living abnormal. We have devised and prepared our treatment programs to deal effectively with physical and mental problems caused by excessive use of drugs and alcohol. Our aim is to help the addict and get him out of the nasty habit of alcohol by treating him physically and mentally to start living normal and making him capable of handling life’s many and varied challenges from time to time. This treatment ends with productive results which are higher than the other rehabilitation programs. This program is well crafted and unique in the sense that it also addresses the main cause which includes relapse after treatment, physical cravings, and looming depression at quite helpful at the same time to cure the past misconduct and guilt caused by the usage of alcohol.
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